• You Can Get All Your Plumbing Goods in One Place – Plumberama

    If you have a plumbing firm and are looking for a supplier of quality plumbing furniture and fittings at great prices then look no further than Plumberama. We have a superb range that covers everything you could possibly need, and are dedicated to supplying only the best brands. With many satisfied regular clients who will attest to our reliability and professionalism we can guarantee the best service in the business. Serving customers in South Africa for many years, we are certain we can find what you need.

    Our range includes modern kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, pipes and outdoor plumbing equipment, electrical items and a great election of mixers and shower heads, and if we don’t have in stock something you want we will do our very best to find it for you. We are committed to keeping our clients happy and ensuring they get the service they deserve, and we remain proud of our reputation as market leaders in the plumbing supplies industry. At Plumberama we go the extra mile to keep our clients happy, and that’s why they come back time and time again.

    If you want to come and talk to us then our warehouse in Krugersdorp is open to visitors and we are more than happy to advise you on your specific needs. Or you can choose to shop online and use our simple and effective system to get everything you need with the least effort. If you want use to tender for a supply then use the simple online form and send it to us, and one of the friendly and professional Plumberama team will get back to you with a price at no obligation or to discuss your requirements with you. You can’t go wrong with Plumberama.

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