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kitchen sinks

At Plumberama, we offer kitchen sinks, bar and pantry sinks, and even laundry sinks depending upon your needs. When it comes to the sinks within your home, you want them to be installed in such a way that they offer you maximum convenience and fit appropriately with your lifestyle. These sinks are available in different designs including drop-in sinks, undermount, and flush mount. We only offer appliances that are made using the most high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last for years to come without tarnishing or cracking.

When shopping for a kitchen sinks the first consideration is almost always the counter and cabinet size. Next consider function/design options, and then consider your preference for the material from which the kitchen sink is made.

  • Drop-in
  • Under Counter
  • Drainer
under counter sink
  • Wash Troughs
  • Butler Sinks
  • Catering Sinks
Catering Sinks

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