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Everybody's got to eat. Whether you're meeting special dietary needs, keeping team members fuelled for a long shift, serving up meals to patients or comforting anxious family members and visitors with a hot meal, we have what you need to make sure your kitchen staff can do their very best work proficiently, effectively, cleanly, and safely. Our experienced and knowledgeable consultants, some with over 30 years’ experience are not only committed to the high-quality kitchen products we sell, but to offering excellent service to our customers.

We have a comprehensive & impressive stock holding but for items not on hand we pride ourselves in sourcing promptly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our aim is to remain up to date with the latest trends within the market and we strive to expand our knowledge & range of stock continuously. You can rely on Plumberama consultants for technical skills and sound advice, to help you bring your dream kitchen to life. All of our products are hand-made or hand-finished, and we only work with the most progressive and innovative manufacturers & distributors. Before any of our products make it into your home and are put to the test of your high standards, they first have to meet ours. Because of our unwavering focus on quality, all our products come with a lifetime warranty.

Plumberama is a registered Plumbing CoC re-seller

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