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medical plumbing

Simplicity and reliability are keys to designing hospital plumbing systems. Moreover, planning for operational efficiencies will keep these systems functioning optimally over the life of a facility. Knowing the demanding requirements of health care plumbing systems and the technical challenges specific to each hospital, as well as relevant codes and standards, will aid facilities personnel in maintaining these unique systems and fixtures.

Heighten the comfort, protect the dignity, and promote the independence of your long-term residents and patients with these bed and bath products. From bedside transfer assists and privacy curtains to hygienic bidets and oversized bariatric toilet seats, create resident suites that meet your individual patient needs and feel more like home. Plumberama aims to keep your patients safe with sturdy transfer benches and anti-scald showers - without neglecting the creature comforts of a warm shower room and toasty towels or a relaxing, therapeutic whirlpool bath.

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