• Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves: FJ2.601


  • R2,010.00

  • Description

    Exposed type toilet flushvalve, back entry installations, pan connector,
    wall flange, seat buffer and ball-o-stop and wall flange.
    Brushed chrome finish. SANS 1240.


    Integral vacuum breaker - prevents back syphonage.
    No cistern fill up noise.
    Should you require replacement components, even after many years,
    you are assured of availability of components or sub-assemblies
    to ensure the continued operation of your Cobra fittings.
    Manufactured from corrosion resistant DZR brass.
    Brushed chrome finish.
    Water Supply Requirements
    Recommended optimum design pressures.
    - Inlet flow pressure: 150 - 500 kPa for back entry WC pans.
    - At higher pressures, velocity parameters should be taken into
    consideration in the installation design.
    - Maximum system pressure: 600 kPa.
    - 65Ltrs/min peak flow rate.


    Flush pipe FJT1.1
    Rubber pan connector C-FJV1.7
    Rubber seat buffer C-FJV1.2
    Piston assembly C-FJ8.10
    Pushbutton assembly C-FJ8.20
    Top cover C-FJC1.2

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves: FJ2.601

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